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Rally information

  • The Rallies are both days from 10:00 - 16:00 hour
  • The site we will be searching is historical and located near to the Petrus church and cemetery (13th Century) and in the province of Groningen.
  • Up to 100 hectares of fields, a small beach and even water to search in!
    (Depending on the number of rally participators more / less hectares of fields will be (optional) available)
  • Token Hunt on land, beach and underwater
  • Will you find the keys of the Treasure Chest?

  • Historical or unknown objects you find, you may keep, but you need to registrate them at the PAN (Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands) office at the event.This is the law in the Netherlands. The aim of PAN is to document and publish finds of archaeological interest, mainly those of metal, found by members of the general public and in private collections. By publishing the collections online, the objects and their find locations are made available for heritage purposes, academic research, museums, and members of the general public to enjoy. More information:
  • Find Identification teams are present to help you Identifying your finds
  • Take breaks / start / end at any time you want! Catering Services and a Restaurant available
  • Pricing both days at 17:00 hour - 18:00 hour 
  • Toilets available
  • On both days there will be a special children rally for children till 12 years old. 
  • There will be a great range of Metal Detectors & Metal Detecting accessories and much more available as prizes donated by our sponsors, and other associates
  • Rally participation is only possible with a Rally ticket. Buy your online rally ticket now!





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