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Eurohal / Van der Valk
Burgemeester Omtaweg 4
9636 EM Zuidbroek
The Netherlands

Warning! Please note that there are 2 different places called Zuidbroek in the Netherlands, be sure you put the full address in your navigation, the wrong one is 2 hours away! 

International Detector Center GmbH 
Contactperson: mrs. Karin Kooistra / mrs. Anouk Farah-Kooistra
Bunde-West 37
26831 Bunde
Tel: +49 (0)49537082810

Kooistra Detectors B.V.
Contactperson: mr. Leo Kooistra / mrs. Patty Kooistra
De Buorren 114
8408 HP Lippenhuizen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)513465093

Van der Valk International - Eurohal / Hotel Zuidbroek 
( This contact is only for special requirements! )
Burgemeester Omtaweg 4
9636EM Zuidbroek
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)598453787

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