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Detectorworld is organized by International Detector Center GmbH, Germany and  Kooistra Detectors B.V. Netherlands

After running the large and successful European Garrett Metal Detectors Rally in 2017 we decided to start an annual International metal detecting event called "Detectorworld".

Detectorworld is the largest International Metal Detecting Event and Trade Show. It brings the world of metal detecting, goldmining, outdoor and archeology together in a great weekend experience! It has a 6000m2 trade show, a market, a second-hand market, demonstrations, presentations, many TV stars and youtubers, entertainment, various caterers, restaurants, hotel, camper parking space and children animation.

Both days we have large amounts of fields to detect and even a beach!

Enjoy as well the social side of the metal detecting hobby and drink a beer with all of your metal detecting friends! 

We look forward to seeing you at "Detectorworld"

Karin Kooistra
Managing Director

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