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We regret to inform you that in light of the recent COVID-19 situation, and after thorough consideration, we have decided that Detectorworld will not take place in 2020. It will be back in the future.

We know this is a very serious decision, so we would like to explain our reasoning behind it.

At this point, all events in the Netherlands are cancelled. After that, the government will decide whether to extend this policy. Detectorworld is a massive, international event with visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. That is why this presents a great risk to us for several reasons:

  • We have no certainty on how the situation with the corona virus will develop and how it will be in October.
  • Even if the situation gets better, we don’t know if events with so many people (from all over the world) in one place will be possible.
  • Detectorworld requires a lot of preparation. We have a whole team that works for months to make it a great event. But we cannot invest all this work if we don’t know if the event will even take place.
  • It is not only a lot of work for us, but Van der Valk has to invest a lot of time and work into the preparations.
  • And of course, all the exhibitors need to plan and prepare for the event, which is very difficult right now with all that is going on.
  • Detectorworld is a big financial investment for us, and if it is not allowed to take place at the last minute, we would not be able to cancel a lot of the investments.


Because the whole situation is so uncertain right now, and for all the reasons above, we have decided to postpone the event. We will announce the new date as soon as we can.

  •  Important for all of you that bought a ticket already: Of course, you will get your payments back.
  • If you have any questions about your tickets or anything else regarding the postponement, you can write us at


This decision was not easy for us, but we think it is the right one, and hope you understand. We look forward to seeing you all when Detectorworld is back!


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